Industry data on the rise and in full recovery

The caravanning sector has finally arrived in our country to stay. This is evidenced by the figures of vehicle registrations during 2019, recorded by the Spanish Association of the Caravaning Industry and Trade (ASEICAR).
Spanish Association of the Caravaning Industry and Trade (ASEICAR). For the 2nd consecutive year, the sector beat its record of motorhome registrations reaching almost 9,000, exactly 8,903, which was an increase of 19.2% compared to 2018. This is the 6th consecutive rise since 2013, the worst year for the sector during the crisis.

A new phenomenon that has also burst with force in 2019 has been the camper vehicles, customized vans smaller than motorhomes, with an average price of 35,000€ – 45,000€ and that can be used during the day to day as a private vehicle. In the last 10 months, 1,600 of these campers have been sold, about 180 per month.

Caravans also continue their upward trend. In 2019, 2,399 were registered, which represents an increase of more than 31% over the 1,829 registered in 2018.

With the data of recent years, the fleet in Spain has gone from 250,000 vehicles to more than 300,000 between caravans (230,000), motorhomes (60,000) and campers (10,000).

Also, for the second consecutive year, Spain is the country where caravanning has grown the most, becoming the most demanded holiday leisure offer in contact with nature.

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