September 18-22 , 2024 | IFEMA Madrid

Industry Data

Industry data on the rise and in full recovery

The caravaning sector in Spain is on the rise again! Recent registration figures for caravans and motorhomes demonstrate this trend. This steady increase over the past years has led the recreational vehicle fleet in the country to reach the significant milestone of 300,000 units.



The phenomenon that emerged strongly in 2019 continues to gain momentum this season, with camper vans, especially customized vans, emerging as the new favorites of caravaning. In 2023, 2,756 campers were sold, representing an increase of 475 units compared to the previous year, translating to a growth of 20.8%. The economic impact generated by this sector at the national level is estimated to be close to EUR 500 million annually.



Despite the various challenges faced by the Spanish automotive context, such as the impact of Covid-19, the industrial crisis, the situation in Ukraine, and global economic uncertainty, indicators for the year 2024 point towards a recovery close to pre-pandemic levels. Additionally, we are transitioning towards a period of progressive adoption of sustainable motorizations, which opens up a new range of possibilities for the sector.



This resurgence in the sector is also having a positive impact on campgrounds, service areas and parking lots for motorhomes, whose growth has been directly proportional to the increase in registered vehicles.



Likewise, the number of people preferring to rent these vehicles is also growing, primarily those under 45 years old, with trips typically lasting one to two weeks and an average spending of around €950.